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Chemical Peels

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Chemical Peels ( Medical Grade)



Our Image Chemical Peel Depth Guide

image peelingsscdasdChemical Peels are designed to create exfoliation”Peel.” The change is needed to renew the top surface skin or one will eventually have dull dead skin build uo which causes skin to appear aged much like an old Turtles shell.

To have youthful skin the renewal process must be created. In doing so one must understand the need for proper sun protection SPF and Prevention.

We require all Advanced and Deep Chemical Peels to purchase Post Peel Kit (1 week supply)  This insures the proper post care, hydration and repair targeting ingredients.

Post Peel Kit $34.75 (1 Wk Supply) 



Acne Lift

This lil peel is light acne peel for beginners or general aid to home are maintenance. It’s aimed to reduce surface acne, lighten superficial acne scars, reduce milia or clogged pores and eliminate acne bacteria



Beginners Glycolic 33%

This is a gentle glycolic peel designed to exfoliate lightly, Brighten scars and renew surface complexion. Gentle enough to do  a series of 6 back to back with in about a weeks time, progressing onto Medical Grade Glycolic.


Acne Beta Hydroxy

An advanced Acne Treatment, designed to reduce acne and significantly decrease P. Acne bacteria. This peel will cause deeper exfoliation and is a combination of medical grade ingredients along with botanical soothers. For those who suffer with regular acne breakouts


Salicylic / Glycolic 20% Target: Acne/ Kills Acne Bacteria/Exfoliation

This beauty is a unique blend of Salicylic acid and Glycolic acid designed to not only target acne, kills acne bacteria but also create deep changes in surface skin such as brighten scars and reduct pits and deep ugly pores. It penetrates deep and exfoliates deep causing changes to Dull Scared and Acne prone skin types. Depending on the condition and severity this isa peel which may require 4-10 treatments to truly repair and resurface skin. 


Lactic/Kojic 50% Target: Skin Lightener Antioxidant Hydration

Erica’s Favorite used to brighten skin complexion from the deep layers below to the top dermal layers. This peel suppresses the Melanocytes to decrease the growth of melanin spots, age spots, freckles, Melasma and general hyperpigmentation. This peel usually takes about 6 treatments over a 4 month period along with proper home care to maintain. Maintenance  thereafter is about 3-4 peels per year



Glycolic / Retinol 40% Target: All Levels Of Aging Skin

A unique pharmaceutical blend of Glycol and Retinol to shrink pores, exfoliate dead dull skin cells and reduce the appearance of fine lines pushing Vitamin A into skin creating a NEW change and deeper cellular turnover! 


Jessners Lite Target: Our deepest Skin Resurfacing Treatment


TCA Advanced Care Deeper of our Deep Peels

Enzyme Peels (Light Exfoliation)



Vitamin C Enzyme

Vitamin C / Enzyme 30% Target: Lightener/Antioxidant/ Anti-inflammatory


Pumpkin Peel Enzyme

Mild infusion of Glycolic, Retinol, and Lactic Acid with Vitamin C Antioxidants


Four Layer Face Lift

Red Carpet Enzyme Peels


O2 Oxygen Lift

Red Carpet Enzyme Peels


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