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Non-Surgical Facelift

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Non-Surgical Face Lift !

 NON-INVASIVE NO DOWNTIME  RF Skin Tightening & Lifting
ADVANCED “MYOPULSE” RF Skin Tightening & Lifting
• Non Ablative Rejuvenation
• Stimulates Collagen Remodeling tightening the fibers tissues
• Immediate Improvements

1888630_528673590582628_1363177495_n(4)How it works:  We begin by purging stagnant toxic fluids and waste into lymphatic system using RF Technology.  Positive ions are then pushed  into the cells giving the cells a new energy charge as the rejuvenation process  begins. The cells energy is then increased, speeding up the cells metabolism. Tightening and renewal begins.

Radio Frequency Micro-Current then exercises the muscle tissue, strengthening and tightening like a facial worked out.  The results are long lasting just as exercise in the gym is for the body. Muscle tissues are broken down by the exercise we cause a chemical reaction (ATP) which rebuilds the muscles.  Thank God our muscles have memory cells. Once you rebuild the muscle it begins to bounce back faster with each treatment or workout.  This process rebuilds the muscles in the area continuously for about 7 weeks.

Research shows the recommended amount of treatments to complete the Non-Surgical Face Lift is approximately 6-8 sessions,  however this depends on each individuals specific need or area of concern.


Specified Area of choice utilizing the Skin Tightening Micro-Current Treatment A Non-Surgical Facial Lift

25 Min Session. Please note you will need at least 45 min appointment reservation. Select Any One Area of your choice

11150244_10206704167228528_5646444572018187840_n*Eyebrow Lift ( Upper Lids & Brows)

*Cheek Contouring & Lifting

*Jawline Definition (Chin/Chins)

*Forehead Lift & Tightening

*Lips Upper & Lower (Adjacent Smile lines)


RF Non-Surgical Complete Face lift

1 Hour Session Uses the Advanced Myopulse Non-Surgical Facial Lift unit

Treatment Includes:

  • Entire Face, Neck and Decollete’                                                     MyCollage_39
  • Eye Brow Lift (Upper and Lower Lids)
  • Chin (or Chins) and Jawline Definition
  • Cheek / Cheek Bone Contouring and Tightening
  • Forehead Smoothing, Lifting and Tightening
  • Lymphatic Drainage including Decollete’ Lifting and Tightening




BEST VALUE      1.25 hr Session      Package Value $807

MYOPULSE RADIO FREQUENCY MICRO-CURRENT TREATMENT using ADVANCED Medical Grade Body Sculpting and tightening equipment designed for intense tightening, toning, lifting and lymphatic drainage. This treatment stimulates collagen fibers, lifts supporting structures and detoxifies tissue allowing optimal nutrition absorption at cellular levels.

Facial: Includes

  • Microderm Session to exfoliate dead dull skin cells allowing better energy penetration $99.999 Value
  •  MYOPULSE RF Treatment to entire Face, Neck and Decollete’MyCollage_43
  • Eye Brow Lift (Upper / Lower Lids)
  • Chin (or Chins) and Jawline Definition
  • Cheeks/Cheek Bone Contouring and Tightening
  • Forehead Smoothing, Lifting and Tightening
  • Lymphatic Drainage including Decollete’ Lifting and Tightening
  • Post Care Lifting Mask       $79 Value
  • Post Care  Custom DNA Repairing Facial    $149 Value



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